Every product has some element of service, and every service some element of product - Aubrey Wilson

In many industries, attending Events or Trade Shows is a necessary, albeit expensive, marketing cost and a time consuming activity for your company.  Zealand Marketing Solutions (ZMS) offers experience (over 100 shows attended throughout the years by the owner) and reliability. 
ZMS can provide a cost effective solution for Events and Trade Shows:
We handle all the preparation work:
  • Planning which events are viable for your company
  • Negotiating rates, booth locations, etc.
  • Advertising and product offerings at the shows

We also are available to market your company at shows:

  • Booth attendance
  • Competitive analysis
  • Off-site invitee only parties
  • Booth creation and breakdown
  • Dealing with show unions and organizers
  • Lead generation

Using Zealand Marketing Solutions, everything is taken care of so you can handle your customers!