Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing - John D. Rockefeller
Philosophy and Mission

ZMS Philosophy
"Marketing is the key that opens the golden door to brand awareness and profitability!" - Bryan Clegg
Why use a quote from the owner of our company?  The answer is simple- it is an essential belief that is shared on a daily basis at Zealand Marketing Solutions.  When a strong marketing program is combined with a needed product/service, the result is a uniquely singular business opportunity for the company that embraces the concept of "before one buys, one must know."
Nationwide, companies vie to be seen as one of the leaders in their market.  ZMS solves this solution by providing fresh, exciting ideas and programs, without the added burdens of internal overhead, insurance and payroll costs.  A solution for marketing in an environment where every dollar matters.  
Mission Statement
To propel companies brand awareness in a cost effective, professional manner.  We believe every company can grow and lead their market, given the right blend of marketing knowledge and direction.